Photo of Miles V. Aronnax (Rassilon) from 2006. Welcome to the webpage of Miles Aronnax, an undergraduate major in physics at Iowa State University. Until July 2006, Miles was employed by Chappell Studio, Inc. in Fairfield, Iowa where he did programming, system and network administration, network security, and anything else that seemed like a technical challenge. After a little over six years with the company, Miles left Chappell's employ to return to his original love: science, especially physics.

Since December 2006, Miles has done research with Dr. James Vary on computer related projects for the nuclear physics theory group--in particular, the nuclear physics web file server. Consequently, his primary responsibilities have been more computer science than physics related. Recently, however, that has changed.

Beyond his work, Miles is an open agnostic atheist and skeptic. As one might expect, he is a member of the ISU Physics & Astronomy Club (holding the position of "Tech Specialist") and the campus Atheist and Agnositic Society. His free time is often spent either reading science magazines in the library, reading science fiction at home, watching television produced in the United Kingdom (especially Doctor Who and QI), or looking up whatever has struck his fancy online.

In terms of personality, Miles is kind, quiet, and easy to amuse. While he often takes criticism personally, he quickly internalizes it and moves on. When dealing with people, Miles is very critical of any statements that don't pass his "baloney detector". Personality testing of questionable validity indicates that Miles is a "mastermind rational" (INTJ)--a description that does an adaquate job of describing him and amuses him by using the term "mastermind".

One final note: until June 3rd, 2008, Miles was known as "Luke M. Wilson". He had his name legally changed for personal reasons.